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What needs to change within you? What needs to change in your relationships?

Our inner world. It's an ocean of complex thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. It also gives complexity to our relationships. The state of our inner world reflects on and impacts our outer world. When the ocean is calm and content, so is everything outside. When there's chaos, we may feel sad, anxious, stressed, confused, panicked, dis-empowered, and/or feeling like our life is out of control.

I help people connect with and care for their inner world. Whether you are an individual, couple, or family, by working with me one-on-one I will help you find effective ways of thinking clearly, feeling calmer, caring better, and leading fulfilling lives insha'Allah.

Maybe you are sad, anxious or feeling emotional pain from long ago. Maybe it’s something that “just doesn’t feel right”, or perhaps you just need extra support for a major life decision or situation. Perhaps, your closest relationships are the source of your stress, pain and/or discomfort. Whatever it is, I care and want to help you. I will actively listen and help provide the confidence and guidance you need to change negative behaviour patterns and begin taking steps in the right direction. I will carefully guide you as you take steps towards positive life changes, healing, and a healthy mind. Together we’ll work to uncover and better understand the challenges and day-to-day stressors that detract from your life and focus, and begin identifying and practicing things ​​​​that will make you stronger.

Care to take the first step?

- Ismail Shaikh

How I Have Helped

"Ismail Shaikh is the only observant Muslim certified social worker I know who offers counselling services. Ismail is a fantastic listener. He related to me, addressed my concerns and challenges and encouraged me to persevere with the goals I had set for myself. His counselling was impressive to say the least."

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​​​Ibrahim H.​​​​​​​

Presenting concern: Marriage

"When I first messaged Br. Ismail, my concern was on my mind a few times a week. But throughout the week or so from when I messaged to the actual counselling session I became weighed down mentally/emotionally by something that was a similar concern in nature but was an even bigger struggle that I had been dealing with for over a year now. That bigger struggle was consuming me throughout most of my day and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The convenience/ease of arranging a session as well as the benefit/insight that I gained, actually made me decide midway through my first session that I would be scheduling another session. There was definitely enough benefit where I felt it was the right choice to reach out to Br. Ismail." 

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Abu S.

Presentin​g Concern: Relationship issues

As a son, brother, husband, uncle, father I wanted to reach out to members of my family to really connect with them at a level where its a dialogue rather than ultimatums. The techniques provided by Ismail worked! These tips are practical and easy to digest. Highly effective! 

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Ghaz S.

Presenting Concern: Parenting

"JazakAllah khair akhi... BarakAllahu feekum... make du'a that Allah makes me better than what you have written.  Knowing that you are there to reach out has given me a lot of comfort. May Allah accept all the good deeds you do and reward you!"

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Nabeel R.

Presenting Concern: Stress/Anxiety

How I Help




You are not immune to the challenges of life.

There is a part of you that wants to seek help to address your struggles. Yet you feel scared, embarrassed, or ashamed to reach out. Other times you are confused, stuck, or indecisive. Perhaps, you just want to deal with your issues alone.

When you decide to seek help, you may start with family and friends. But you find that they aren’t always available or lack the knowledge or emotional capacity to help. Perhaps you have hidden your struggles from them. Or you consider them the source of your problems.

This is where a caring, knowledgeable, and empathetic professional who has your best interests in heart can help.

Speaking to a qualified Counsellor can help you think clearer, feel calmer, care better, and lead a more fulfilling life. By viewing your concerns through my professional bio-psycho-social-Islamic lens, I will offer you new perspectives that will help you tackle the issues you currently face.

If you are facing conflicts, challenges, struggles or are suffering, don’t wait to seek help and don’t do it alone. Seek professional help.

I believe everyone should have access to health services. This is why I offer video and text-based counselling online so that you have no excuse to seek help when it’s readily available.

When you are ready to take your first step, contact me to request an initial consult. In our email exchange we can decide whether you prefer video, audio, or text-based counselling. 

Sometimes my clients (especially the sisters) prefer that I use audio while they use text. In our initial online session we will discuss what your presenting issues are and how I can help you.

Some reasons you may choose Text-based counselling include: preferring texting over face-to-face interactions, beliefs around gender interactions in Islam, you are always on the go, can't find a safe and secure place to talk from, and easier for you to build rapport and trust over text versus talk. Text-Based Counselling is offered on any texting platform that offers End-to-End encryption to ensure privacy and confidentiality. At this time, I use Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Some reasons you may choose Video-Based Counselling include: preferring more comfortable with face-to-face interaction, requiring more intense counselling or coaching, may allow for more comfort and trust-building, a greater sense of connection, you have a secure and private location where you can talk from uninterruptedly, and have a good internet connection to stream video. Video Counselling is offered through Doxy.Me platform. I do not use Skype as Skype does not provide End-to- End Encryption of messages and thus your information maybe accessible by third parties.

Please note that in addition to English, I also offer video counselling in the following languages: Urdu and Hindi.

My standard fees for the sessions are $100/hour. Sessions usually last 60 minutes. I do use a Sliding Scale, based on income. (Rates may differ if you reside in Canada and your insurance covers Social Work services).

Please note that I accept payment via PayPal Services only. Paypal is available in more than 200 countries and supports 25 currencies. Paypal also allows paying via major credit cards. Payment link:

Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance via email ( if you can’t make your appointment. If you miss your appointment and fail to notify me in time, you will be billed for the full cost of the session.


Capacity Assessments

Can't Manage Finances?

I am a Designated Capacity Assessor in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

My role is to determine if an individual can understand and appreciate the reasonably foreseeable consequences of their decisions (or lack of them) with respect to their finances and personal care. In addition to English, I also offer capacity assessments in the following languages: Urdu and Hindi.

A capacity assessment maybe necessary when you have reason to believe that the client’s property or finances are at risk due to them presenting physically or mentally unwell. You may also be concerned about the exploitation or mismanagement of your client or loved one’s property or finances. Or the court has ordered that a capacity assessment be done in order to explore statutory guardianship of property and finances.

Currently, I perform capacity assessments under Section 16 of the Substitute Decisions Act (i.e. statutory guardianship of property and finances).

Please note that conducting a capacity assessment takes time and involves numerous tasks such as initial call and pre-screening, collecting collateral information, the capacity assessment interview, reviewing Medical/Financial Records, documentation, travel time, and other administrative work.

My rate for the complete assessment (travel costs included if within GTA) is $600 dollars. Financial assistance is also available for eligible individuals. In all cases, the requester pays for assessment unless financial assistance is approved the Capacity Assessment Office. There are no charges for pre-screening.

Once the pre-screening is completed and we can proceed with the assessment.

Please contact me at if you have questions. 



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  • *fail to educate yourself on relationships
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  • *hire a lawyer and pay divorce feels
  • *feel anxious and depressed in your marriage
  • *not understand how to practice mawaddah and rahmah
  • *wish you had never married


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About Me


Assalamu'alaikum and Welcome! 

My name is Ismail Shaikh. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with individuals and families with psycho-social concerns over the past decade.

I spent much of my life caring for and counselling family and friends who needed me for emotional support. As a result, I became known as a thoughtful, caring, and level-headed leader who people could trust, talk to, and seek guidance from. 

In 2009, I chose to supplement my personal experiences with professional ones. After completing my Honors BSc in Neuroscience, I began to study Counselling, Therapy, and Social Work theories in my Master’s of Social Work program at the University of Toronto. Since then, I have enjoyed helping numerous people navigate the challenges of their inner world and relationships.

As a Muslim Counsellor, I use my Faith combined with an Eclectic Approach to help my clients care for themselves and their loved ones more effectively. I use various modalities in conjunction with Islamic approaches to help people make new discoveries about themselves and figure out what helps them overcome the obstacles they face. I believe that you can live and lead a more fulfilling life if you can learn how to think clearer, feel calmer, and care for yourself and others better.

My clients know that I care. They trust me to guide them on their journey to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Usually clients contact me because they want to learn how to care for themselves and their relationships better. As someone who understands the transformative power of counselling, I’m passionate about learning, listening, and bringing balance and wellness to the lives of my clients. 

My approach is that of a caring and client-centered professional. This means that I meet you at your level and wherever you are in your life. I work with you to raise your self-awareness and look for solutions. I use a compassionate approach in my counselling combined with faith-based approaches. I love drawing on my knowledge of the brain to help you understand what you maybe experiencing. A big part of my work will involve giving you homework. It’s important that you take what you have learned in our sessions and apply it in the real world. This is how you will grow and learn to care better for yourself and others.

Contact me to set a time and date to discuss how I can help you think clearer, feel calmer, care better, and lead a more fulfilling life insha'Allah!

Care to Take the First Step?

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Online Counselling Platforms

I use any platform that is end-to-end encrypted. These include:

* Whatsapp 

* Facebook Messenger


* Skype

If you have questions or comments you can email me at

Looking forward to our work together!

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